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Yoga & the Wisdom of the Body Workshop

This workshop is designed help become more aware of what your body is trying to communicate to you.  The body is ALWAYS communicating but we are either too busy, or too caught up in other things to really listen to its’ wisdom.  All the body seeks is to have balance in its’ energy and functions.  Using specific practices will help you tune in to this inner wisdom.  You can take these practices home with you.



We will start out by warming up with basic yoga poses to stretch and open up the body, and relax the mind; then we will go into breathing exercises to help release tension.  Breathing is the key to quieting the busy mind, moving more oxygen into the body to create a greater sense of spaciousness. Finally, we will end up with a heart-opening restorative pose.  This creates a slow but deep stretch in the upper back behind the heart space.  It’s a deep, relaxing way to open the depth and wisdom of your heart. Some sound healing music will be played, creating a strong impact on the cells, bones & muscles of your body.  We will do this in a slightly therapeutic heated room to help you relax more and to give you all the great benefits of the therapeutic heating panels. 

Therapeutic heat

The therapeutic heat we use during this workshop is a special heat with a high frequency. The glass panels consist of a long wave of infrared heat. This long wave infrared heat will reach the deeper layers of the body. The therapeutic heat allows the body and the mind to relaxe easily and has a wide rang of positive health effects.

Questions for your innerwisdom

Questions will be asked:   

  • What you are feeling?
  • What are you noticing in the body? 
  • What is it saying to you? 

You may be surprised what can come up and what kind of profound insights and truths can be revealed once more space has been created to listen.

At the end, nice tea will be served as we integrate and you can have the choice to share with each other of your experiences.

You will leave feeling relaxed, open and energized – – even more connected to yourself and to the world.



Lively Academy is aangesloten bij het CRKBO (beroepsinstituut) en erkend als officieel opleidingsinstituut. 

Door het reserveren van dit event ga je akkoord met de algemene voorwaarden van Lively Academy.


16 okt 2022


10:00 am - 12:00 pm




Lively Academy
Louis Loyenstraat 5 Maastricht


Lively Academy
043 – 311 85 08


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